Nathan, Brad & Arno

Nathan, Brad & Arno
Your new Saturday fix is here in the form of four best mates!

'The future of Australian radio'

Join the lads every Saturday morning from 9am-12pm, as they discuss life, have a laugh, crack some jokes and play some epic tunes.

Who are Nathan, Brad & Arno?
Nathan, Brad & Arno are four mates who are in year 12 at school. They have been mates for yonks and they know each other like the back of their hands. Together with CEO, Isaac, they produce a world-class show for anyone of any age! All three come from South Africa, but each of them now call Australia & Youth Jam Radio, home!
Enter the Christmas Code!
YJR's Christmas Code is back and we have changed the rules - slightly! This year, we are going to reveal a bauble with a letter on it. Everyday, as more and more letters are revealed, we encourage listeners to guess what the code is to win a prize! Do you think you know the code? Then enter your answer below:

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Full Podcast From 17th November 2018 show
Nathan, Brad & Arno's full podcast from 10.11.2018