​An Aghan wedding singer has a remarkable resemblance to Canadian PM
Written by Isaac Mulcrone

​An Afghan wedding singer, appearing on the Afghan version of American Idol, has found fame through his striking resemblance to the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

​Abdul Salam Maftoon is a wedding singer from a village in the remote and impoverished northeastern province of Badakhshan, but he appeared on the Afghan version of American Idol and is hoping his resemblance to the Canadian PM will help him get more votes.

​"People have forgotten my name and now they just call me 'Justin Trudeau'," Maftoon told AFP, his self-conscious smile revealing two gold-plated front teeth.
"I didn't know anything about Justin Trudeau until I saw the photos on social media"

"The resemblance has boosted my chances of winning the competition by 50%"

The images, that were posted on Instagram, have received comments with many people sharing their thoughts on the remarkable resemblance to Trudeau. The composite photos of the pair show Maftoon wearing a hat favoured by men in Northern Afghanistan and Trudeau in Western-style clothing.

Some have even gone to extreme of saying that Maftoon is Trudeau's lost twin!

"Trudeau's lost twin," wrote Neila Abdulzadah on Facebook.

​Donald Trump could keep US Government closed for 'months or even years'
Written by Isaac Mulcrone

​Donald Trump is reportedly considering keeping the US Government shutdown active for 'months, or even years'.

​The shutdown is now entering its second week and at this stage, there appears to be now end in sight. Both President Trump and Congressional Democrats have made it clear neither intend to back down. 

​Some background information on the shutdown. It all began when the Democracts refused to vote in favour of extending the funding given to Donald Trump's signature border wall, on the USA/Mexico border.

​The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer remain adamant in their open-border ideology. This has resulted in the US Government going into 'shutdown'.

​US Jury to decide whether Ed Sheeran copied Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On''
​Written by Isaac Mulcrone

​On Thursday 3rd January 2019, District Judge Louis Stanton said a jury should decide whether Ed Sheeran copied Marvin Gaye's famous track, 'Let's Get it On'.

​The judge said he found "substantial similarities between several of the two works' musical elements".

​Ed Sheeran denies ripping off sections of the 1973 classic for his number one hit, 'Thinking Out Loud'. The legal action has been brought against Ed Sheeran, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Atlantic Records by the estate and heirs of the late producer Ed Townsend, who worked on the song with Marvin Gaye.

​Judge Stanton is also overseeing a separate $100m case over the same song, which was launched by Structured Asset Sales, who own part of the copyright to Gaye's song.

​The judge stated that similarities in the songs consist of the bass line and percussion. He said that listeners might consider the songs áesthetic appeal' to be similar.

Ed Sheeran and the record comapnies have not responded to Judge Stanton's decision.

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